Our antennas are a culmination of planning and design to have an end product that is superior in strength and performance.

We manufacture antennas to pick up signal from the Mount Dandenong transmitter on the VHF band, Geelong Local & country transmitters on the UHF band as well as manufacturing FM Radio Antennas. We are manufacturing 3 new models of antennas to suit the  Mount Dandenong transmitter. These antennas will receive channels that range between 6 and 12 and are proven to be excellent performers whenever used.

We have UHF Antennas for the local transmitter in Geelong and some country transmitters. A FM Radio Antenna is also available to get the best signal from your radio system.

Key Features

  • Manufactured in Australia
  • Sealed F-Type printed circuit balun to give the best possible performance
  • Plastics are manufactured locally to cope with Australia’s harsh conditions
  • Stainless Steel termination points
  • Powder coated aluminium main boom shaped for strength and longevity

The Antenna Boom

  • Flat top and bottom to keep the elements straight
  • Rounded sides to stop twisting
  • The height provides downward strength
  • Booms are powder coated

The Elements

  • Made of architectural strength heavy gauge extruded aluminium
  • Gives you one of the strongest elements ever made

The Plastic Insulators

  • All insulators are UV stable and superior in strength
  • Made from high grade engineering glass fill poly amidene plastic
  • Ideal for Australia’s harsh conditions

Components - Glass Fill Poly Amidene Plastic Insulators used on all Hi-Gain Antennas


Main Insulators

A. Main insulators are UV stable and superior in strength. Snap locking system for elements.

Snap Lock Reflector

B. Snap lock reflector unit is used to make installation easy and quick. Used on UHF & VHF reflectors.

End Cap

C. This cap is used to plug the ends on the UHF reflector boom.

Resonator Insulator

D. The resonator insulator is used to hold B3 elements which also fold in easy to make the antenna more compact.

UHF Insulator

E. The UHF insulator is used on the main boom.

Boom Cap

F. This cap is used on the main boom to complete the antenna. It stops water and wind from entering the ends of the boom, giving the antenna a tidy finish.